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Date: 24. April 2016

Tinder the Musical!:
Swiping the World of Online Dating

It’s not unusual: people met online. In 2014, a report came stating that 51% of Australians had tried online dating sites or indeed were simply on the lookout for love through the use of dating apps. Some were, just to name a few, OKCupid, Grindr and Tinder. So, people: this is dating in the modern world.

In spite of this, those who have met their significant others online have been somewhat reluctant to admit the manner of their meeting, according to Keira Daley of There's No One New Around You: A Tinder Musical, which will be played at the Sydney Comedy Festival. "There's still a taboo around it," she announced, "We have a number in the show called Anywhere But Here, which is about a happy couple who met on Tinder but who are very shy about revealing how they met. I have a friend who met her husband online 10 years ago and even now she’s embarrassed to admit it."

Daley does online dating as well. She has used Tinder, though is currently taking a break. "It started to get overwhelming," the co-writer and co-star of Tinder the musical admits, "it's so labour intensive, like writing job applications. And eHarmony is a tonne of work. That one feels like a Scientology personality test."

Daley does admit that Tinder is easier than eHarmony."But you see so many insane things in the profile pictures and blurbs. I strung a list of them into a song called There's No One New Around You, which is the screen that you seen when you’ve swiped through all available options and there are none left."

Daley initially thought that she could create a solo caberet. "But then I thought, 'Who cares?' I mean, who wants to see another single girl doing a single cabaret about being single. So I went out and got me a boy!"

That boy has turned out to be writer-performer Mark Simpson. "I knew mark from shows we'd worked on together and I knew he was working on a dating-related musical idea as well. We decided to pool our resources to present two sides of the dodgy coin."

Simpson states that he has also been on a break from Tinder. "I'm no longer active. Tinder didn’t prove to be much use to me," he announces. "But I met a girl who came along to see this show, chatted her up afterwards, and now we’re dating."

This new and unique take on Tinder isn’t entirely negative or cynical, however. There’s No One New Around You attempts to show all the faces of Tinder and what it can bring for people.

Daley states, "Not everyone on Tinder is a drooling nymphomaniac. Not everyone has dodgy intentions. Mostly they are just people looking to meet more people and (Tinder) broadens your circles in a world where people are afraid to ask each other out in person."

But what exactly does Daley say about the chances of romance in a world where dating is governed by yes/no swiping? "It definitely takes away the mystery of ‘do they like me?'," he says. "The app tells you that they like you and you like them."

Simpson admits that he likes it the way it is now. "Tinder is like meeting people in a bar but now the bar is everywhere and always open. That whole bit of whether they like you or not is taken care of, so you can get on with the job of making awkward conversation."

Daley believes that Tinder and similar apps are great as short-term solutions, but in her case, it hasn’t translated into anything meaningful. "I've had quite a few first dates out of it, but they don't always translate into second dates. Some of them have been inspirations for the songs in the show. One is called Hate At First Sight."