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Affair dating in Australia

Affair dating, is as popular in Australia as it is everywhere else in the world.

As a result, there are a number of dating sites open for having an affair or attached men and women. Below, you will find some of the most serious and trustworthy affair dating sites.

Updated : 01/2024

Affair Dating Sites

The best affair dating sites in Australia Affair

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What Is an Affair Dating Agency?

Affair dating agencies generally are tailored to the needs of married men and women who are looking for sexual variety. They mediate sex-contacts in an anonymous, discrete manner without any obligations.

If the affair is to be a discrete adventure, never mingle in the sheets with a neighbor!

These websites aren’t exclusive to married people. You might also find singles looking for sex-contacts without any strings attached. These singles value their independence highly and count on married affair daters to not be interested in a committing relationship.

How Do I Find a Good Affair Dating Site?

Many websites advertise to be the perfect platform for an affair or a secret amorous escapade. Among these there are plenty that have a nice appearance, presenting the viewer with gorgeous, lightly dressed women, looking for an affair with you.

This should be similar to a warning sign to you!

Barely any of these sites offer the bare minimal standards to either be looking for an affair – riskfree – nor will any endeavors on these sites be successful.

So, if you are looking for the best affair dating website for yourself you should keep this rule of thumb in mind:

The less (skin, breasts, faces) you are able to see from the outside, the better!

We went through dozens of affair dating site offers and thoroughly checked them for usefulness. We have just a couple left, for you to have a look at!

Does It have to be a real affair dating agency?

Honestly? No.

Generally, those websites that are more oriented toward married people, who intend to cheat on their partner are considered “real” or “classic” affair dating agencies. As an Example of a pure affair-dating site “meet2cheat” comes to mind. Nowadays the concept is considered to be outdated. It hadn’t proven itself worthwhile which became even more apparent due to the leak of personal data with Ashley Madison.

Even the best affair dating agency is merely an option among casual dating sites, Erotic communities and classic Sex-dating-services.

With these “extended” Affair sites it is possible to state in your profile whether or not you are in a relationship or marriage, looking for a fling. Cheating is not necessarily the main objective. Many married couples prefer these and are looking for no-strings-attached relationships in these erotic communities.

Testing: Is an Affair Dating Agency for You?

Are these agencies the right thing for you, trying to find an anonymous sex-relationship? Find out with the following 3 questions:

1) Are you trying to remain ANONYMOUS?

  • a. Something only the best of agencies are able to do.
  • b. If it isn’t there are different places you could be looking at, to find the right thing for you.

2) Are you trying to find REAL women?

  • a. The “hunt” requires a certain amount of online expertise, time and nerves, but it can be a source of happiness!
  • b. Too much effort? Hit up a brothel.

3) Are you willing to invest money into your endeavors?

  • a. Quality, a certain standard and a promising women to men ratio are generally tied to prices when it comes to these agencies.
  • b. Alternative: Fighting 1000 men to conquer a single woman on the free platforms…

How Does the Affair Dating Agency Work?

When it comes to Sex-dating for affairs we generally divide between two types of platforms: Those with viewable and hidden member base.

With the first one there is a “search-function”. It allows you to venture around on your own on your quest to find a proper affair for yourself.

With the latter you are presented with potential partners that matched with what you are looking for, which is what most affair dating sites offer. As a man, this will result in a variety of women being presented to you. The pictures of your potential sex-partner will be un-blurred as soon as she decides to make them available to you.

Aside from what you are presented with, you may find a “who is online now” section on some sites. You may contact these right away.

What You Will See With the Top 3 Websites:


  • A list with 18 up-to-date contact proposals
  • It contains nickname, age and place of residence of your potential affair, their sexual preferences and the info whether or not the profile is new.
  • Most female profiles contain a picture, which the respective owner may unblur for you.
  • On the right side of the website you may see a list of women that are currently online.


  • According to the preferences of your personal searchoptions (distance to your position, age of the woman,…) you receive an unlimited list of fitting partners for an affair.
  • List contains a nickname, age, profession, distance, and whether she is online or not. • On the right side you see a list of potential affair that have been looking at your profile.
  • The Pictures are partially blurred or clear, depending on the ladies settings.

Are There Even Real Women in Affair Dating?

YES! There are real women to have an affair with, yet only with a few providers. We have tested them for you under the premise “real women looking for an affair”.

Barely having any chance at an affair as a man you will find yourself at:

… Highly polished websites for quick sex and affair contacts

… Free no name platforms

… With antique affair dating platforms

… At hacked affair-sites such as AshleyMadison

Fake-women on affair-Platforms are distinguishable by:

  • Contact requests of fake women looking for an affair generally utilize bad translating programs.
  • The text of the request messages generally sounds quite similar considering the expressions words and sentences.
  • You receive two requests by the same person in a relatively short period of time
“Hello, how are you, and I have your message and if you are really interested in me and you want to know more about me you can to contact me on my private e-mail-address [email protected] thank, lucy”.

Real Women at the Affair Dating Agency can be recognized by:

  • They generally don’t approach you in a quick and brute way but rather let you make the first move.
  • A real woman looking for an affair will never give just give you her private email address or similar contact information, maybe after both of you gained a certain trust-base.
  • Her statements should make sense. No woman is on an affair dating website, looking for a long term relationship.

Good and bad experiences of men on affair dating websites:

“I was messaged by a 22-year-old lady immediately after creating my profile, telling me she really really wants to meet me. I am in my late 40’s and have set my preferences of women between 35 and 45 years of age. What am I supposed to do with a 22 year old? Anyhow, I reply that I would like to go grab a coffee, no response.”

Smart Man!
“Obviously I will try my hardest when trying to contact women about an affair so I come across properly. Which means taking it slow. But I don’t want to have to write 100 mails. So I analyze the profiles of women I find interesting whether everything on them makes sense – name, motto, and most  importantly what she wants. Then I write to a few of them. And my success speaks for itself.”

How you get with real women for an affair

Tipps for HIM:

  1. Take your time to look properly and pick the right ones to message
  2. If you want to land a hit on an affair dating website you should put some effort into it: the first message should contain no mistakes, short and personal.
  3. Ignore the ladies that immediately jump on you and want to get to know you, even more so if they haven’t even uploaded a profile picture. There are plenty more to look at.
  4. Don’t fall for women that appear to be ready for sex with anyone in their profile.
  5. Don’t go for Profiles with weird nicknames such as becky86 or emmaXbig or have brainless mottos.

Where do Women Find the Perfect Affair?

Women have a strict advantage over men in the affair dating game: they come in fewer numbers, and are highly sought after by the men.

When it comes to affairs men are still hunters. Most women receive so many requests, they simply don’t have time to reply to each and every one of them, Of course, women are only going to pick the best of the best when there is such a plentiful buffet to pick from!

The following experiences should better not be had with YOU…

Negative experiences of women with affair dating platforms:

Hello sexy bird,
I will be right over, if you’d like, to f*** your brains out. Want to see my d***? I will send you pictures!

And if your desired affair does’t react to your endeavours please don’t reply like this:

Dumb cunt, why don’t you reply? What are you looking for here anyways arrogant bitch, take a hike if you are scared of a man that’ll fuck you right.

(This piece of affair dating experience was sent to us by a female C-Date member, looking for some discrete fun in the sheets….)

Tipps for HER:

  1. Exciting pictures, yes. Too much breast or naked skin, no.
  2. Don’t pack your profile with all of yours sexual fantasies and desires, else you might come across as a professional.
  3. If a man interests you, don’t wait too long with your answer.
  4. Think beforehand, whether you exclusively want to date married men or if singles are also for you.
  5. Always meet in a public place when meeting the first time. A café or bar will do.

What can I Expect of a Good Affair Dating Agency?

First and and most important condition for everyone looking for a solid affair dating website should be….

… to keep the affair a secret at all costs!

Which is why the following four criteria are most important to us:

Personal data protection:
[email protected]... Your personal data are well protected with a good service provider and will not be hijacked by every random hacker!

Payment security:
$19.90 monthly Membership at … Imagine the face your wife makes when she finds that payment right below your electricity payment!
So your intimate Affair does not leave any suspicious traces, a good affair dating agency will always be 100% incognito on your banking documentation. Your account statements will not show anything suspicious and will not lead anyone to believe you are having secret sex dates. Recipient and reference are absolutely boring and unsuspicious.

Scam and fake protection
Free affairs are a thing, only in combination with moneyhungry fakes… if you as a casual cheater are on about the free affairs, you need to accept the fact that people are going to try to scam you.

The Premium membership of other platforms will always have a function similar to a “firewall” to protect you from fakes. Literally anyone can sign up at the free platforms: Love scammer, Spammer, and if your wife decides to check one of these sites out…

Maximum discretion and anonymity
Look at pictures right away? Go find yourself a pornsite… If you are trying to cheat on your wife with another married person, you shouldn’t be too quick to exchange your personal information or even pictures!

With a renowned Platform for discrete affairs you private pictures are protected from anything outside. That’s how you make sure your face won’t pop up on google image search, with a link to a rather suspicious website.

The protection of your pictures is one of the most important hints to a good affair dating agency. With a great service provider you decide yourself how anonymous you would like to be.

You decide who may see your pictures, depending on the provider, you decide whether you want to allow only certain users to see them, or maybe even every other member.

How Safe Are these Platforms Generally?

The management of your uploaded files covers a large portion of the security aspects these sites need to offer. For an entirely worry-free sex-relationship next to your marriage it takes a little extra. The few recommendable platforms specialized to secret sex-dates and affairs usually offer multiple interacting features to be at maximum security when being unfaithful:

  • Additional feature like PANIC-button
  • Private-key for intimate content and pictures of partners
  • Permanently improved filters identifying suspicious IP adresses to protect you from fakes

Does a Recommendable Affair-Dating Agency Exist?

Simply put: NO.

We have yet to come across a reputable affair dating agency that offered their service completely free of charge. If you think you found one – LET US KNOW!

We, as testes say: such a thing does not exist. Why? Because the fees of a good agency will be used especially for:

  1. An extensive editorial staff, which asseses the validity of profiles, pictures and will remove the majority of lunatics, criminals and fakes
  2. A well designed platform, that is tailored to bringing people together outside of their marriages and will always and foremost value and maintain the anonymity and discretion of their customers

Heinz Laumann, founder of C-Date would like to add his 2 cents on the topic and formulates precisely, what a technically well thought out platform needs to offer, especially for female customers:

... a secure environment to meet great men.

Which obviously goes just aswell for any man, looking for great women to date.

How much do I have to expect to pay for decent affair dating agency?

Is it worth it to sign up for a premium membership with an affair dating website, to look for partners discretely in a sophisticated environment?


There is another reason to take reasonable prices for these services into account: As a male you definitely gain a head start over your non-paying competitors!

Only paying members are able to actively approach and communicate with women.

The price might be the deciding factor for you when It comes to the provider you are going to choose.

Who utilizes Affair dating agencys?

Typically you are going to come across married men and women, yet it is not necessary to be married. More people are looking for an affair:

  • Singles
  • People in Long term relationships
  • Those who are in an open relationship
  • Divorced
  • People who are unwilling to commit (“It’s complicated…”)

There are also students to be found among the members of these services, looking for a sugardaddy. He may, if he Is generous enough even be married and have an adventurous affair. Or the neglected housewife, that is desperately trying to escape the daily routine to find passionate adventures.

Why do singles use Websites for affairs?

Married men and women usually have different reasons for signing up with these websites from singles.

I want to experience exciting sex and lust!

Affair daters value the sexual deviation most, next to discretion and anonymity. Typical statement of members on affair dating websites:

After an affair, the sex with the partner became much better.

Single men and women value the the affair dating scene particularly because of the uncomplicated, no-strings-attached fun of an affair without the risk of commitment.

My affair is married and therefore a discrete lover. He seeks a dangerous affair, yet he would never leave his wife nor try to shackle me.

This particular statement probably explains best where the differences and similarities between singles and cheaters lie.

Next to the thirsty wife and the sexually frustrated married man looking for sexual fulfillment, there are normal people that are content with their sex-life, yet like to slip into another role every once in a while: be it a secret lover or frivolous sex-buddy…

What is it people look for with affair dating agencies?

There are no rules when it comes to the duration or types of affair one may have. For cheaters its more about the:

My sex-life was completely nonexistent. Now I finally feel alive again!

Most commonly found desires among affair daters:

  • An exciting affair
  • A nonbinding amorous escapade
  • An exciting sex-friendship
  • A long term non-marital relationship

Less often you find requests for these types of sex-dates:

  • One-night-stands
  • Escort-services
  • Sex meetups for festishes (BDSM,…)

There you go, you are fit to have an affair!

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