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What can I do with the BeNaughty app?

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The next big step in the evolution of the Internet is the rise of mobile applications, or as they are more commonly referred to, apps. Therefore it was not long before online dating agencies and flirt sites would launch their own mobile app as well., which has over 1 million members in Australia and 9 million worldwide, is one of the first to offer its own mobile app for the Android operating system.

What is the BeNaughty app?

The BeNaughty Android app is a mobile version of the web site. With the BeNaughty app, it does not matter if you are on the go, in a pub, at the pitch or waiting for the tube, you can still enjoy all of the same great features as the web site. These include: searching, chatting, browsing singles’ profiles, exchanging messages with members, rating others and more.

Where can I download the BeNaughty mobile app?

The BeNaughty app is available in the Google play store (formally called the Android app store).

What can I do with the BeNaughty app?

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can: Create a profile with your basic information, view profiles of other members and receive messages from other members.

What are people saying about the BeNaughty's app?

BeNaughty's mobile application has been reviewed over 10,000 times on the Google play download page. Over 5,000 of the reviews gave the app 5-stars! However, the app did receive over 1,000 1-star reviews as well. The overall average review was 3.8 stars.

Our overall review of the BeNaughty app

The BeNaughty Android app is an easy to use app that has the same features that are available on the main site. So if you are person who needs to be able to check their BeNaughty messages and update their profile while on the go, then the BeNaughty app is definitely for you. And best part of all, the BeNaughty app is completely free to download.

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