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Where can I get a BeNaughty discount code?

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It’s more fun than being nice


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BeNaughty is not as much about finding a stable long-term relationship but rather about dating and having fun. Or as BeNaughty announces on its site: it’s more fun than being nice. BeNaughty is the main website of the Cupid plc, a leading global provider of online dating services, and has quickly become one of the market leaders since its entry into the online dating industry in 2005.

Finding a BeNaughty discount code

Finding BeNaughty discount codes for Australia on the internet is easy. Just look for discount code, voucher code or promo code in Google and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of offers. Some are out of date, others are fake, some just offer what BeNaughty offers on its own site (e.g free trial period) and some really work. However, most sites offering discount codes point out that they don’t take on a responsibility for the working of its voucher codes, since it’s impossible for them to try out every code.

What you have to do to get a BeNaughty discount code

Some discount sites make you register by leaving your name and email address before giving you the actual voucher code. Other sites ask you to like them on Facebook before receiving any promo code. If you can get any discount code for free, it’s usually no real discount (those promo sites also need to benefit from the deal in some way). So, if you’re willing to reveal your email address (which is usually accompanied by accepting to receive the site’s newsletter or other marketing emails) or don’t mind liking them on Facebook, give it a try - it might be worth it!


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