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Is BeNaughty a scam?

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It’s more fun than being nice


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We assure you that there is no such thing as a BeNaughty scam. BeNaughty belongs to the Cupid plc group (formerly EasyDate plc) and is an absolute reliable company. Cupid plc has become one of the market leaders since its entry into the online dating market in 2005.

BeNaughty scam - no way!

Profiles are checked by the company’s customer service and the site is organised and quite easy to handle. BeNaughty is well known and growing every day. You will meet new interesting and like-minded people on this site looking for fun just as you are. And if this shouldn’t be the case, it has nothing to do with a BeNaughty scam! If there was such thing as a BeNaughty scam, there wouldn’t be that many BeNaughty members.

Where does the myth of the BeNaughty scam come from?

Some people criticise the site for its pricing referring to a BeNaughty scam. However, you subscribe to BeNaughty just as to every other dating site - but subscriptions don’t cancel themselves. The cost incurred are debited from your bank account until you officially cancel your subscription. This is common practice in business but some people still consider it a scam.

Everyone knows that a mobile doesn’t really cost only $1 and that the 14-day free trial plus giveaway of Herald Sun doesn’t have anything to do with kindness. That’s just the way things are. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription on time and every thing will be fine. ;) You will find more interesting information about BeNaughty in our BeNaughty test review.

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