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Can I trust the reviews?

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There are two kinds of independent dating sites reviews: reviews of experts dedicated to the comparison and testing of dating sites and personal reviews of people that have personally experienced certain dating sites. Both types of reviews are helpful. The only thing you should keep in mind considering personal reviews is that they are personal and therefore represent the subjective experience of an individual which doesn’t mean that another person will have to have the same experience.

There are (almost) only positive reviews probably wouldn’t be the most popular dating site worldwide if there were too many unhappy users and therefore many negative reviews.

Of course, you will find people writing about their negative experience with But their negative review is usually not about the site itself, its prices or its service but rather about negative experience with other users. One talks about not having found “the one” even after three weeks, another one complains about being “overwhelmed” by the many requests of interested singles.

As already mentioned: reviews about the dating site itself are positive without exception!

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