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Where can I find a promo code?

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Our answer: is praised as THE biggest and best developed online dating site almost everywhere. It now operates in 24 countries with many users in Australia as well. Its huge user database and its easy-to-use website attracts thousands of new people daily. Although prices are somewhat higher at than at any other dating site, there are promo codes and special offers as well as the guarantee. But even without any promo code, the money is in most cases well spent!

Where to find a promo code

There are many sites with all kinds of promo code offers. You just need to look for “ promo code” on Google and you’ll be bombarded with innumerable offers. Some of them work, others don’t. But most of them are just displaying what you can also find on directly which aren’t really promo codes but rather discounts if you decide to subscribe for more than one month.

Saving with the promo code or discounts

You will, as already mentioned, find some real promo code on the net from time to time which will help you save some extra dosh. However, many of those offers are out of date or no real offers and just redirect you to without accrediting you with any discount. So you might just go to the site of directly and benefit from its own discounts which are partly immense depending on the options you choose. For example, subscribing to for 3 instead of for only 1 month, you can save more than $10 a month. And opting for the 6-month subscription even saves you around $100 - wich is over 50%!!

Is the guarentee some kind of promo code?

No. The guarentee (formerly “Make Love Happen Guarantee”) is no promo code but rather an option for anyone opting for a six-month subscription at If you haven’t found someone special during your first six-month subscription, will provide you with additional six months at no extra cost. The most important thing you have to do in order to be granted the guarantee is keep your profile active and contact at least five new members each month (apart from applying with the Terms and Conditions at all times, of course). promo code and guarentee: what we think about it

If you’re looking for fun and some date every now and then, might be too expensive for you. So, taking the time to browse the internet for some real promo codes could be worth it. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a serious longterm relationship, you’re probably willing to pay the fee and in return have access to millions of like-minded singles. And in case you haven’t been successful after the first six months of your search, you can make use of the guarantee. This way you might actually get 12 months for the cost of six! If you’re interested in the guarantee, we suggest you to go through the programme rules (link: before getting started - just to make sure you haven’t missed anything! Good luck and enjoy!

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