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Is the new Oasis dating site but one of many?

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Our answer:, also known as Oasis dating or Oasis Active, has immensely grown in popularity lately - especially in Australia, where it was created. There are over 11 million members on Oasis worldwide and many more continue to register each and every day (about 350.000 per month). The site’s popularity is certainly due to various aspects.

The Oasis dating site is 100% free

YES. Oasis dating is one of the few professional dating sites that are completely free of charge to each and every user. Most dating sites allow you to create your profile and maybe send a first message for free. As soon as you want to start communicating for real, however, you need to upgrade your membership and start paying a monthly fee. This won’t happen to you at the Oasis dating site - there are no hidden costs whatsoever (at least for the moment!)

What are the Oasis dating site’s special features?

Creating your profile at Oasis dating is literally a matter of minutes. You can start to interact with other members right away and add additional sections as well as an unlimited number of photographs to your profile later on. You can search through the Oasis dating profiles using many different customizable search criteria which makes it a lot easier to find your perfect match.

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to get to know better, provides you with a number of communicative features to break the ice and get communication going. You can send mails, join groups and forums, use the dating site’s messageboards and chat through the instant messaging service.

As one might expect of a totally free dating site, its technical construction is a bit limited compared to other popular dating sites. Every now and then the system still crashes but is usually back up and running again in a matter of minutes.

All in all, Oasis dating seems to be quite a good site for daters. You could even consider joining in addition to other dating sites. This will certainly increase your chance and won’t cost you a thing!

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