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International Dating Sites

Whether you are interested in other cultures or want to meet someone with a similar background to yours in Australia or abroad, we have done research to find you some of the best international online dating sites.

Updated : 05/2024

International Dating Sites

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International Online Dating Sites in Australia for 2024

The term 'international online dating' may be a little confusing at first, though for singles in Australia it is rather simple. The concept refers to individuals who want to look beyond their own country when it comes to finding love. This does not necessarily mean that people are opposed to finding a partner in Australia, but rather that international dating offers them a much wider range of options! This is not to mention that there is…

...exotic appeal that foreign singles can have which many cannot resist!

Of course, international dating is a very broad term. Some of the biggest and best players in the online dating industry already have this category covered: as well as Australia’s own Cupid Media and the US-based Zoosk International. But there are far more options out there…

Asian Singles: Dating in Asia

A massive continent, Asia offers a vast opportunity when it comes to dating for singles, especially on an international level. Whether you are looking for Thai , Chinese, Korean or Japanese women, there are specific dating sites and apps that focus on getting you to meet them. Some of them do operate a little more like marriage and matching agencies than dating sites, though others will allow you to simply set up a profile and begin messaging. Asian women and men right away.

Dating Russian Women and Singles

Russian women do of course exist in Australia, but singles will have a better chance at finding a Russian partner if they choose to look abroad. Much like a lot of Asian dating sites, there are plenty of dating sites that focus on singles from Russia. Some of them operate in a similar way to an agency (just like the previous sites mentioned) whilst others are a bit more free in their structure.

Beware of Scams

It is unlikely that you will get scammed if you are careful! We have a whole range of tips on the subject of avoiding fakes on dating sites. By staying aware, you will be able to see the warning signs immediately and know when someone is trying to get money out of you or initiate a catfishing attempt!

In order to help you on your way, we are more than happy to provide you with these several quick tips!

  • Avoid anyone who doesn’t have a photo on their profile. In the days of webcams and smartphones, there is no excuse. The more photos they have, the better.
  • If possible, try and speak on the phone or via webcam. Them being hesitant to do so isn’t necessarily an indicator of a fraud, but it speaking to other singles, hearing their voice and their movements can help still any worries you have!
  • DO NOT give them money under any circumstances. It doesn't matter how close you feel to the other person: if you have not met them yet, you don’t know them properly yet!

We hope that was helpful and wish all Australian singles the best of luck in their international dating search in 2024!

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