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Date: 02. February 2016

Fake Profiles? Time to Get Rid!
New Dating App RuReal Helps Against Catfishing and Fake Profiles

Released by U.S. Publications, Inc. is a mobile dating app that has been designed to help protect singles who may fall victim to online dating pranks and scams. If you’re unsure of whether or not a profile is real, RuReal can determine whether an image is fake or not. The same can also be said for a variety of other products: not just online dating sites.


The RuReal app works in a very simple manner, by scanning 14 billion images online, while at the same time millions more are constantly being updated. If an image as been replicated elsewhere, the app will be able to reveal where it is being used and determine its point of origin. This is a big breakthrough. According to U.S. Publications president Simon Gojcai, fake dating profiles will be detected from the very beginning.

"It can help its users in a number of ways," Gojcaj says. "It deters bullies and cyberstalkers and can detect if a product is a fake or not. Basically, if it looks too good to be true, it likely is."

Gojcaj tested the app on a photograph of a Mercedes Benz that had been posted on Craig’s List. The car itself looked to be in brilliant condition, and the price for it seemed quite reasonable. The app immediately determined, however, that the image was fake. All it had taken for the Craig’s List user was to crop and alter the image a little bit. According to RuReal, it had been taken from another site.

So, just how does this app work? Users will have to browse a couple of different images and then save them. After opening the RuReal app, it will search from their saved images. The rest of the work is done by the app, and the results are also (thankfully) immediate. True results will be shown, unless images are actually original and have not been used on other sites.

Another advantage to this is app is to see whether or not their images have been used on other parts of the Internet.