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Date: 06. September 2016

Stop Bragging:
Boasting on Your Dating Profile Could Be Losing You Matches

Self-esteem is important and a good thing to have. But as we all know, loving yourself a bit too much isn’t good. In fact, for a lot of people it can be a total turn-off. That’s why its important to be careful about what you write on your online dating profile…

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements and/or your abilities. If you are particularly successful in a certain area, then hinting at it or writing a bit about it on your profile is a good way to go. It shows that you have motivation and that you have achieved something. But when it goes over into the area of total self-infatuation, it can get really unattractive. Few people like narcissists.

For those who want to up their prospects in the world of online dating, then it’s a good idea not to make yourself look “too perfect”. According to research carried out at the University of Iowa, this can be a turn-off. They discovered that online daters who emphasised their best qualities and then mentioned little about their drawbacks were not considered the most attractive.

Researchers took over 300 singles who used online dating services and compared their profiles with information from outside sources, most of these from the Internet. These were used to verify the information given on profiles. Participants often stated that the profiles with accurate information were the most attractive. Those who seemed to be "puffing themselves up" were less in demand.

Bigging yourself up to be more than you aren’t isn’t the only thing that people won’t look kindly upon. You’re also 20 times less likely to get any kind of contact if your profile is lacking a picture. Researches at Michigan University also stated that age was one of the more important factors when it came to online love. Men and women often contacted members who were a lot younger. Women in particular weren’t particularly keen on getting in contact with men who were older than they were.