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Date: 16. August 2016

Casual Dating and Hookups:
How to Get a Successful Hookup Online

Online hook-ups are becoming more and more common. Sex contact sites are particularly popular among both men and women… However there is a certain level of decorum that comes with online flirting when looking for sex. Above all, it is always important to remain respectful!

Remember: Be Friendly!

Aggressive flirting is not the way to go with most people when you start off… A simple message introducing yourself and saying hello usually does the trick. However, it is important to avoid some of the more boring introduction techniques. Texting "Sup?" or even worse, "Looking?" (a sin particularly common on gay dating apps) isn’t usually going to bring a response. Something with a little more substance ("Hey, nice profile pic!") will do a lot better!

Seriously… Relax!

No one likes desperation. If someone is interested in you, then they’ll respond. Constantly sending back-up messages after not getting a response isn’t going to help your situation. Sometimes it really is worth waiting about a day or so for an answer. Though if you are in a rush, just simply move on.

On that note, the same can be said for chatting… Keep it relaxed and chill and don’t get aggressive.

Physical Compliments Work Well…

This does depend on the person, and of course solely physical comments might elicit negative responses. However, one of two compliments about the other single’s looks will indicate that you’re attractive to them. Smiley emojis also work when it comes to trying to get laid online simply because they take the place of physical flirting when using an online medium.

Try a Striptease… With Pictures

Your main profile picture should be one of your hottest… if you’re just up for getting laid, however, it’s good to show a bit of skin. When it comes to trading pics, however, don’t start with genital pics. Send a series where you’re gradually wearing fewer and fewer clothes. Getting someone to ask for more will, quite frankly, make them want you more!

Have a Few Normal Pictures

Softcore pictures and a couple of “normal” selfies are also a good idea. You need to have a decent variety. After all, it’s good to give the other person an all-round idea of who you are. Some people find even that sexy… On top of that, it shows them that you’re also just a regular person.