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Date: 10. October 2016

No Overweight Women:
Love-Seeker Uses a Standard Message to Answer “Older and Overweight” Ladies

Everyone has some kind of insecurity, and online dating sometimes makes singles painfully aware of these weak points. A lot of other people, though, are aware of wat they're looking for and this can sometimes mean rebuffing others in a rather cruel way. One particular UK gentlemen on dating site Plenty of Fish did just that.

A woman called Lusaidh Glenny siad her sister used online dating site POF to introduce herself to a man. The answer that came back, though, was what could be more or less described as a "stock message". The message simply announced that the gentleman in question was not interested in women who were "older and overweight". The offending profile was called "L00kin16". According to the message, "older" in this case referred to ladies over 30.

While this does seem to be a harsh judgment, L00kin16 had a few things to say for himself. He stated that the optimal time to start a family with a woman was before her 30s, because after that the "getting to know one another" period was a lot shorter and more compressed.

No Fat People Please

Weight was also on the agenda, with L00kin16 stating that he isn't attracted to "big women" at all. He moved to Scotland and has also said that the "average" type of body appeared to be roughly size 16. So for him it seems to be that a lot of Scottish women will simply have to be written off.

While all of this is quite harsh, there are no doubt many singles who think this guy needs to be taken down a notch or too. Though he had that covered by saying he was "fairly good looking", keeps himself fit and works in a highly skilled job. Oh, and he also earns something "well into" 6 figures.