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Date: 20. October 2016

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Tinder Boost Has Just Gone Live

A new Tinder feature -Tinder Boost- now allows you to have your profile shown first in the feed. As of October 19, it is now live worldwide.

The feature was originally tested in September in Australia, and is now finally making itself known to Tinder users all over the world. When singles pay for the Boost feature, their profile is thrown to the front of the Tinder feed for around 30 minutes. While the feature is active, the Boosted profile will be visible to all relevant potential matches before anyone else’s.

Brian Norgard, Head of Revenue and Core Product at the company, informed TechCrunch that:

We are always looking at ways to improve our user experience. Our tests in Australia and the U.K. show us that users receive 8-10x more profile views and 3x more matches on average when Boost is activated.

Pricing is still in the testing stage, so there is no set cost for using this new extra feature. However, at the moment there appears to be a number of Boosts that are going for prices between US$1.99 and US$3.99. There is also a nice addition in that singles will receive a discount based on the number of Boosts that they buy in the first place on the app.

While there is already Tinder Plus, the Boost feature is being treated in a very different way. Plus is essentially an ad-free version of the app giving you as many swipes as you want (included in this is the “Super Like”). Boost, however, is a feature that any user can pick up on if they pay.

The rollout of the feature is beginning slowly in the App Store. For other mobile and smartphone users, however, it’s probably going to hit within the next few days.


Source: TechCrunch