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Date: 27. April 2017

TheCougarLounge comes to Australia!
Cougar dating site launches Down Under

For admirers of older women and younger men, dating platform has now opened its doors in Australia. The site has already been running for the last couple of years and claims to provide a place for mature older women looking for younger men for all kinds of relationships – or even just quick affairs and one night stands.

Cougar dating refers to older women (usually from late 30s onwards) who date men who are significantly younger than them. These men are often referred to as “cubs” or toy boys – many of whom are looking for a cougar due to the years of experience they boast.

Search far and wide!

Most cougars tend to live in the big cities like Adelaide, Perth and Sydney and this appears to be what the operators of are aiming for. But if you live in the Outback don’t fret: the platform offers a local search and settings can be changed… so the option is there for business travellers who maybe want to meet someone interesting for an eventful night or even just a few drinks.

The Cougar Lounge follows a long tradition of cougar dating that started in the mid-2000s in the USA. It’s target group is older women in Australia… and the younger men who admire them. The dating site appears to be general purpose in terms of the type of relationship and offers opportunities for everything from adult dating, casual affairs and even long-term relationships.

Functions Like Tinder

The act of “swiping” on profiles common with a lot of dating services these days, and The Cougar Lounge seems to have adopted this method. For older singles (particularly women who might describe themselves as “cougars”), this actually could make finding a partner a little easier. At the very least, it seems to be a quick way of finding a date for the evening.