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Date: 23. August 2017

Hateful Dating

New Apps are being released daily to make falling in love just that much easier. One will suggest a person a day, picked by complicated algorithms that evaluate your profile and personality test, the next one will cause you to have a sore finger from all the left and right swiping. HaterDater is somewhat different…

Sporting the motto: “meet someone who hates the same stuff” HaterDater wants to get singles together not by the things they enjoy, but with what they despise!

How the dating app works

After installing the app will ask you “tell me, what do you hate?” and will offer you a bunch of possibilities. Whether you hate Mondays, people or supermarket registers, brussels sprouts or Hip-Hop music – all these hateable things will make up your “hateprofile”. For this purpose, the app currently offers more than 2000 different things to hate with many more to come as the year continues. These additions are results from user input, so each user contributes to the “hated things” database.

And this is where the search for your partner in crime begins.

How effective is the app?

Even if looking for common disinterests more than common interests is a new way of finding a partner, doubts remain. Can common dislikes really be the nurturing ground for new love? Is it positive to create a bond over conversations solely revolving around things you hate the most?

Is it possible, could common aversions be a proper basis to build new love upon? Is it positive in any way, to create a fresh bond exclusively through conversations about things one despises? We don’t really believe in this concept and would rather – if you are looking for love or an erotic adventure – recommend entirely different apps.

In the end it all boils down to the number of users actively using a certain app or website. In this case, HaterDater has very few members and will probably not find too many matches for you. Of what use could the coolest of all dating apps be, if there is no one using it in your area?! If anything, HaterDater is an amusing addition to the dating app jungle.

Where can I get the app?

HaterDater was released in early 2017 and so far, has only been available to iOS but support for Android has been announced on their homepage.