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Date: 21. November 2017

Why Women are Happier Singles

Single women have it pretty bad. At least that’s what most seem to think. After all, even Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones managed to find someone fit to stay. But are single-ladies really that bad off? Or is being Single not that bad after all?

First off: No, it isn’t. At all. Also: Single women are much more comfortable than men, an investigation by one of the largest market analysis companies shows.

The single lifestyle UK report showed that 61% of all female singles are content with their relationship status, which was only claimed by 41% of men. As a result, single women are in much less of a hassle to find a partner. 75% of female singles said to not have actively been looking for a partner within the last 12 months. Looking at all genders, we are looking at a total of 70% having responded to the question “have you looked for a partner in the last 12 months?” with no, merely 27% said yes. 3% preferred not to say. Questioned were 820 internet users above the age of 18, who were single, separated divorced or widowed at the time of being questioned.

Jack Duckett, who was involved in the survey and works as a senior consumer lifestyle analyst at Mintel explained this as follows: “People always think singles to be actively looking for a partner. But our data shows that this is not always the case, at all. The abstinence may be explained by young people thinking of their career and their financial security as more important than being in a relationship.”

Who would have thought! Apparently, there is more on the mind of a single woman than curating shoes and drunk texting their EXs. Yes, heavily exaggerated, but you have to admit - it fits the portrait of said women painted by “Bridget Jones” and such, pretty well.

But it’s not only and exclusively different priorities many single women have in their lives. It seems women are able to be pretty happy, even being alone and independent. Emily Grundy, demographer at the university of Essex explained to “The Telegraph”, that women generally invest more into relationships, not only physically but also mentally.

“there is Proof of women working more and harder on chores than men, and I believe they also do more of the emotional work.”

Hence, Single women have less trouble. But also have more of other things, a larger social network for example. As Grundy explains:

“Many studies show single women to be more active with friends than they are when in a relationship. It is exactly the opposite for men. Men without a partner don’t do as much by a longshot compared to those in a relationship.”

So single ladies have more options to live a nice single life than men. So, it seems understandable they should be more content in being single. Alone the stigma of being alone could be though on a single.

“Attitudes toward marriage and relationships have gotten more liberal, but there still is this social pressure to be with a partner”, Jack Duckett explains in a concluding sentence.

It is time to get rid of this pressure.