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Date: 28. December 2017

What not to put in your Online Dating Profile

At online dating sites everyone tries to present themselves as flattering as possible. Obviously, since you are trying to convince a potential partner that you are “The One”. And that exact reason is why you might be doing things wrong. Reddit users collected the worst of the worst online dating profiles.

Creating a good online dating profile can be a difficult task. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, but have enough information for someone to be able to connect with you. Be personal, yet not embarrassing. It comes as no surprise that oftentimes the best friends come in to consult you on your endeavors to create the best dating profile possible to ideally get your perfect match to swipe right.

And yet, again and again there are bios that are utterly devastating to look at. So, it is never a bad idea to have another set of eyes to look over your personal information given in your online dating profile.

Hence, a reddit user posed the question: “Online daters, what is the least sexy thing you could imagine reading in someone’s online dating bio?”

Out of the overwhelming amount of responses we gathered 9 gems for you.

What not to put in your Online Dating Profile

  1. Dead Grandmother
    “RIP Grandma 9/23/06” a user supposedly read in a profile. With all due respect, but the grandma probably wouldn’t have wanted that. And neither would anyone looking at your dating profile.
  2. Arrogance
    “I am looking for that someone that really wants to meet me.” Or “I don’t even know why I am wasting my time on this.” – if you think you are better than 90% of your fellow users, you really shouldn’t get your hopes up. “it just makes you look like a pissbaby no one wants to strike up a conversation with.”
  3. Phrases
    “What I do with my life? Live it.” Do you now? 5$ to the douchebag jar. If that’s the most exciting part about you, no one even wants to know what the boring part looks like.
  4. Extremely high demands
    “Don’t even message me if you are looking for drama.” With everything that sounds even remotely condescending, people usually quit immediately. It disqualifies you right away.
  5. Self-pity
    “Where did all the good guys/girls go?” Yeah, we get it. Being single can be frustrating and people without any baggage are harder to find the older you get. But whine to your best friends about it. Or on twitter. Not here, where you are trying to get people to like you.
  6. Embarrassing pictures
    “A gangster selfie, holding guns and money in front of a dirty mirror.” Classy.
  7. Group-photos
    If someone clicks on your profile, they don’t want to play detective for an hour just to find out which one is you. “Of course, you want to show you are not a lone wolf, but please don’t force me to play detective.”
  8. Boring
    “I like to go out, but I would always prefer to stay at home and watch a movie.” So, what? You are like everyone else. But maybe that’s how all those boring couples found each other.
  9. Nothing
    “You want to know more? Ask me.” “know what? You didn’t tell me anything!” another user says. If you don’t offer anything to connect to, you don’t need to wonder why you aren’t able to hold a conversation. Anyhow, a profile like that is asking to be judged exclusively by their appearance.