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Date: 09. April 2012

The science of online dating reveals:
Be sporty

Trying to find the secret of falling in love has eluded humans since the start of time. However, one online dating website has taken it one step further.

eHarmony, an online dating website that matches single men and women for long-term relationships, operates and funds eHarmony Labs, a relations research facility based in California.

At eHarmony Labs, teams of PhD researchers analyse the traits of human relationships. They have developed a matching model based on a personality test that involves more than 250 questions. Potential dates or matches are found using an algorithm that matches compatibility.

Launched in Britain in 2008, eHarmony’s system was developed in conjunction with the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University.

The company commits 40 percent of its resources to technology, development and the science of relationships.

The British newspaper Metro is reporting that the latest finding of an eHarmony relationship study that analysed hundreds of thousands of connections between the site’s 2 million British members revealed that men and women are interested in meeting others who conform to the gender stereotypes.

One of the most fascinating pieces of data was that any sporty activity whether running or fitness is appealing to both men and women.