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Date: 18. December 2012

Most Searched Singles Sites Of 2012

Google just released its 2012 Zeitgeist in which the most searched dating sites of 2012 are listed.

Google Zeitgeist, the search engine's annual online presentation of the year's top "trending" and "most searched" terms, includes a list of the top 10 most searched dating sites in 2012.

Apparently, a Google spokesperson provided to The Huffington Post that list in an email. We have the list for you below:

While the first results are not surprising, it's interesting to see how religion seems to be still "in": two of the top 10 most searched dating sites were religious dating sites (one Christian dating site and one Jewish dating site).

Interestingly, the erotic scene is just represented with one website even though this industry usually gets lots of searches. We probably have to ask Google how they come up with those numbers/rankings.

Another interesting aspect of the Zeitgeist lists is a cultural difference between the USA and the UK: while in the UK, dating aspects such as "How to kiss" and "How to flirt" were listed in the 2nd and 7th position respectively, in the USA the most searched term in the 'How to' category was "How to love".

At the same time Americans don't seem to be all just for love, because the 5th most searched term in the category 'How to' was "How to hate".

Lots of sociological interpretations can be derived from these interesting results, but we will leave that to the experts.