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Date: 22. November 2013

Hackers Attacked Online Dating Network Cupid Media
Cupid Media’s Battle with Hackers

Cupid Media, a well-known network of dating websites, has recently found itself in trouble regarding the theft of private information. The information of various users was discovered on a server where other stolen information stolen by hackers was stored. This has naturally prompted concerns with regards to the safety of such websites. The information that was stolen includes the names and birth dates of members, as well as text versions of passwords.

The Cupid Media Stronghold Breached

Cupidmedia HackersThe network operates a number of dating websites, most of them aimed at specific niches. With thirty of these sites, the group boasts millions of members. Spread across the globe, these members come from all continents and various different backgrounds. Authorities have said that the information downloaded pertains mainly to accounts that have been inactive for a long time, and a lot of them had already been deleted.

The Necessary Safety Measures Against Hackers

An event like this naturally stirs concern among members for the safety measures that sites use. The invasion of privacy is something everyone fears. Since the incident, Cupid Media took the time to hire consultants who took a look at the security measures that were put in place. Some of these measures included hashing and salting.

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Hashing and salting refer to the storing of cryptographic versions of information. ‘Hashes’ refer to the cryptographic forms of passwords. For many websites, this is considered to be the best practice. Whether websites actually do this or not is up to them, and a significant portion fail.

The Right Method

The fact that encryption has been used and has failed is what puts a lot of website owners off. This attitude is understandable, however it is important to remember that not everyone knows how to encrypt. At least, not everyone knows how to do it properly. This often leads to mistakes and sometimes security breaches. When it comes to website safety and information protection, it is necessary to follow all the instructions and ensure a good job is done.