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Date: 29. August 2014

Cougar Dating:
Why You Should Date a Younger Man

A younger man is either seen as a blessing or a burden, depending on how you view it. More women these days may be interested in pursuing someone younger than themselves. After all, men have been dating younger women for decades. Many women have tended to go for older men, however the benefits of dating someone younger should not be overlooked.

Younger Men Offer More Attention

There is no doubt that most younger people have fewer obligations. Indeed, older men may already have a career and hectic hobbies. This may end up leaving very little time for you, and that is what you want in a partner. Someone with fewer years under his belt will have a lot more time to put aside. Your own achievements will also count for something, which can be exciting. You will be able to impress with very little effort.

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They Step Up the Game

There is no doubt that younger men want to impress. This also includes their partners. In light of your achievements, they will feel that they have to be the best they can be. This means that your partner will end up putting more effort into his appearance, his work and the way he conducts himself. As stated before, things will be more about you. In turn, you can help him to be the very best he can.

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Energy Abound

A lot of people tend to lose a certain amount of momentum as they get older. This will not be the case with someone a few years your junior. Such individuals are often brimming with energy, and this can be infectious. You will be surrounded by people who are younger and more willing to try new things. Whether it happens to be surfing, going to a new nightclub or try a special type of sushi, there is no end to the excitement and adventure you can have. Younger men are also less jaded, so you won’t have to suffer a large amount of cynicism.

Ultimately, we all want a partner who can help us improve ourselves and make us happy. Dating someone below your age will open you up to new worlds. Society as a whole is changing so there is no reason why you can’t be a part of the revolution.

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