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Date: 17. February 2015

Top Ten Stats for Online Dating

Thanks to the Internet, the way we date has changed and continues to do so. With these top ten stats for online dating, singles in Australia today can find out the dos and don’ts, the turn-ons and the turn-offs of their prospective partners and just what it means to be in a committed relationship nowadays.

Online Dating Stats: Top Traits for Singles

The study, carried out by, revealed a number of online dating stats about the traits that singles thought were highly important. Independence, intelligence and a sense of humor were all held in high regard. Official stats show that 89% of single women want a partner with a sense of independence. 90% of men would have no problem with a woman asking them out. 86% of women are looking for a partner with a similar level of intelligence and 87% of men would date someone who was more intellectual. With regards to a sense of humor, a whopping 97% of women and 90% of men found it just as important as physical attractiveness.

Online Dating Stats: Top Taboos and Desires

Taboos and desires naturally played a big part in the statistics. 89% of singles believe it is possible to stay committed to the same person. 64% believed that marriage licenses ought not to have an expiration date. Within the area of online dating specifically, more men than women are likely to have a long-distance relationship. Naturally there are dos and don’ts. 46% of men find excessive selfies a turn-off and 65% of women find them a turn-off. There are also some interesting stats when it comes to views on society. 56% of men are for LGBT marriage rights and so are 61% of women. 79% of women would vote for a female president, as would 70% of men.

Top Tactics

Interestingly enough, the use of emojis had a positive effect. Single men are more likely to use kisses and heart eyes. Single women are more likely to use smilies and lips. Emojis therefore play an important part when it comes to communication. 49% of men think they show personality and so do 53% of women. When it came to courtship, 50% of singles see coffee as an official date. Courting  and online dating have changed somewhat as well with 51% of singles using Facebook to research their date.