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Date: 28. December 2015

Your Online Dating Profile:
7 Mistakes Ladies Over 50 Should Avoid

Making mistakes is human, especially in the world of online dating. According to dating coach Lisa Copeland, there are seven major mistakes that women in their 50s and older tend to make when drawing up a new profile. Take a look through her advice points and ensure that you don't follow the same path!

Mistake No. 1: Being Too Boring in Your Online Dating Profile... Or Even Too Negative

An online dating profile can be tricky to write, but you need to remember that you are selling yourself. Therefore make sure to avoid being too negative, or too boring. Mindless monologues are not a good idea: think of the boring profiles you have read in the past and see how you can avoid doing the same.

Mistake No. 2: Proofread! Avoid Grammar Mistakes and Typos

Typos and grammar mistakes are quite common in a lot of profiles, even for women (and men!) over 50. One of the best bits of advice that Copeland gives is to write everything in a word document, like Microsoft Word. That way, any mistakes you've made will be highlighted you can correct them.

Mistake No. 3: Don't Give the Wrong Impression

Copeland says that she was rather 'clueless' when dating in her forties. Her profile would talk about how she enjoyed things like making love on the beach. As you can imagine, men tended to get a different idea. Whereas Copeland was looking for romance, visitors to her profile thought she was open to casual sex and hookups.

Mistake No. 4: Cliches Must Go!

While it may seem obvious that cliches in online dating profiles are bad form, you'll be surprised at how many people actually use them. Talking about things like a 'man who makes me laugh' or 'finding a soulmate' can not only sound boring and typical, but also rather corny. Women are not the only offenders, of course. Men also seem to partake in this and it doesn't do them any favours!

Mistake No. 5: Avoid Bragging

Copeland states that one of her male friends saw an online dating profile written by a rather stunning and attractive women. His heart immediately sank, however, when he began to read her profile. Guess what she started out with? “I am beautiful…” bragging is going to get you nowhere! So keep that in mind.

Mistake No. 6: Don’t Make Demands of People!

Making demands of people in your online dating profile is not going to do you any favours. Stating that you have requirements about things like salary or height, or being too picky, is just going to cause you a lot more heartache. The last thing people want is someone who is difficult to please, or who is overly high-maintenance.

Mistake No. 7: Using False Advertising

While there is nothing wrong with putting a positive spin on things, false advertising won't do you any good either. Try not to use a picture that is ten years out of date: this will just make people think they are being led on. Use pictures that are current, even if they have a bit of a positive spin on them!


Source: Huffington Post