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Online dating personals in Australia put to the test!

Online dating sites are quite popular: 68% of all singles consider online dating as an option.

The following online personals sites are among the most used in Australia. After careful testing and reviewing, they have convinced us.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Updated : 05/2024

The Best Online Personals Sites for Dating in Australia

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1. What are flirt & chat sites?

These websites are the new and improved personals, which would originally be found in newspapers and magazines. Except now they are placed online and generally reach a broader, much more focused audience.

The difference between looking for a partner via a classic newspaper ad versus a dating profile on flirt & chat sites mainly lies in the dynamic: singles present themselves on a dating site online and can simultaneously look for interesting profiles themselves.

These platforms quickly developed to be the most popular among singles who are looking for a relationship or a flirt.

Hundreds and thousands of singles frequent the leading platform every week.

These dating sites offer many ways to edit personal ads: photos are a common way to personalize ads in addition to textboxes which usually contain a short description of the person. Information such as age, height, hair color and more is also given. Anyone may define their search criteria for finding a new flirt.

With a newspaper personal there is no feature allowing you to search for people by height, size radius from your location or by online status. Hence, looking for a partner online offers a lot more possibilities to customize.

The most popular online platforms in Australia gain around 10.000 new members daily.

Another difference is the possibility to instantly make contact, in addition to the member count. As you find an interesting profile, it is possible to contact the desired person right away and proceed in a real time chat, given that both are currently online.

Most effective regarding flirts and looking for a partner online are flirt and chat sites such as These are specifically designed to find a flirt, utilizing “ice-breaker games” or detailed search options and messenger functions.

Every now and then online market places will also provide a personal ads section, though these generally seem to be quite “one way” which results in bad success rates and strongly reminds of newspaper personals.

2. What are the pros of flirt and chat sites?

Big plusses are: The possibility to create a personalized profile – often for free.

It is possible to use the search function and the implemented filters to look for interesting people and browse through the profile pictures.

Immediate access to thousands of profiles and therefore potential flirts.

There are personals for each age group.

Making a first contact is intuitive. Which is why it’s much easier to find and meet new people.

Online personals are cheap and anonymous.

Take a look at a couple of dating sites, before deciding on a particular one. Registration is free for most platforms, which allows you to experience the respective offers in advance.

3. Are there any decent free platforms?

The answer is No, we have yet to find a decent, free online dating website. With the sheer number of dating websites there is no control over who joins and there are plenty of things that should be avoided:

  • Love scammers, that want your money.
  • Fakes, that are trying to lure you into other shady, very expensive sites.
  • “Trolls”, that will spend their time annoying you. Stalkers that are looking for new victims.

Those looking for a confidence boost, trying to see if they COULD get with you, but wont ever follow-up on your flirt.

4. Free dating website – more spam?

Yes, only renowned platforms such as have dedicated employees that will exclusively be checking for fake profiles and spam accounts. A free platform won’t be able to afford such a service.

Yes, since the decent providers invest into anti-spam technologies (fake filters, picture scanners, member verification). Again, not realizable with a free business model.

Yes, the “entrance fee” is an effective anti-spam tool in itself. Love scammers must pay for premium to be able to even attempt to scam unsuspecting lovers. The risk of being removed from the site by the “spam police” deters.

5. What is free, concerning renowned flirt & chat sites?

These are the specials our test winners provide:

  • As a nonpaying member it is possible to message premium members using the connect option.
  • Whether you are viewing a connect members profile is shown in their profile.


  • You may send a “like” or send a smile to signal your interest.
  • Contact suggestions via “SmartDate” and the Zoosk carousel are useable with a completed profile.


  • You can browse the database and reply to received messages.
  • You can contact other users via “icebreakers”.


  • You may look for Profiles and save your search results.
  • Also, you may send “winks” to other users.

6. Fees for premium membership

Rule 1

Our test winners are renowned platforms and don’t vary much in terms of pricing.

Rule 2

After registering and creating your profile, we recommend signing up for a premium membership to make the search for singles most effective and allow for unlimited use of all functions the respective site has to offer.

Rule 3

You have the choice between 1 or 3 months of premium membership to use the platform of your choice to its fullest potential

Rule 4

If you give yourself some more time, you may even go for 6, 12 or 24 months of premium membership which will be much cheaper than the shorter membership terms. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the monthly fee will be.

The direct comparison of the best flirt & chat sites:

  • Costs at Zoosk
  • Costs at
  • Costs at BeNaughty

7. dating sites for particular audiences

While these platforms have become more popular, the dating sites have developed to cater to certain audiences. This niche forming has made it even easier for singles to find a partner, since common traits make it easier to connect.

Here are our top 5 categories:

Mature dating websites will provide a common audience with people of similar ages and spare you the time you spend avoiding flirt attempts by mid-20’s and will help to find singles with similar expectations when looking for a partner.

When I first contact someone, do I immediately tell them about my kids or do I avoid that topic in the beginning? No need to worry about this if you go for a platform for single parents right away.

Of course, there are decent personal ad websites for gay dating.

If you aren’t interested in a lot of conversation and chatting back and forth, but you are full of lust? Sex contact sites are the right choice for you!

Are you smaller, taller bigger or skinnier than the average person? Are you possibly looking for a vegan partner or someone sharing the same hobbies as yourself? our category “special interests” may have some dating sites in store for you with various different focal points.

Go ahead and try out some of the providers! It is the only way for you to get an impression of the members and to be able to make a decision whether the platform is right for you or you should keep looking. Registration, profile creation and the search for potential partners often is completely free.

8. Social-dating as an alternative to flirt & chat sites?

Nope. Facebook, mobile phones and the likes helped sprout a plethora of new flirt sites with flirt personals in text message length. Most are international, relatively cheap or even free and grew extremely fast. These don’t necessarily have to be about love, but about meeting new people! Market leaders at the social dating sites are:

The social-dating-services often don’t meet the flood of fakes and fun profiles with enough consistency, which is why we generally prefer to exclusively recommend only the most renowned flirt & chat sites.

The favorite alternatives are the online dating agencies that aren’t about easy flirts but are about finding a lasting relationship.

9. What about Facebook personals?

Internet personals are plain evolved newspaper-personals, that are still being published by some newspapers and count around 10.000 a month.

Around 2008 the biggest fear of online personal websites were social-networks such as Xing and Facebook stealing away their singles. Which was clearly not happening as time would tell: flirt & chat sites stood their ground, since singles noticed:

Don’t mix friends and looking for a partner!

Who wants to go through their friends list on Facebook after all, to find a potential partner? Every single contact you made would immediately learn almost everything about your life – even before the first date! Rather place a proper personal on the right platform.

On a side note, the providers of our test sites are quite excited about the fact that most singles have learned to present themselves in a much more appealing way thanks to social networks!

10. What does a good personal ad look like?

When creating a personal that is supposed to help you find a partner it’s either about: “man seeking woman” or “woman seeking man”.

Personal ads of women, that are well received among men

A decent personal contains a nice expressive picture. So please no duckface in your bathroom mirror… Also, the profile text is quite important…. Depending on what you write you decide what kind of men will message you. Personal ads of men, that are well received by women A great personal of a man needs to be as follows: women love men who know what they want. Take some time and think about it – what do you want? So, whoever is honest and open about themselves without exaggerating is going to have great chances with the ladies.

11. The ultimate tips to success

1. Try multiple websites

  • This is how you find out where the right singles are waiting for you.
  • This only takes a few minutes. And its free!

2. Change it up!

  • Do you get few messages if any at all? Changer your pictures and your profile text.
  • Practice makes perfect: keep your old texts so you can remember what to improve on!

3. Men: approach women in a clever way

  • More than 90% of mails women receive are boring… “hi!” or “Wanna f***?”
  • Begin with a question revolving around her personal.
  • Shine with humor and stand out from the masses.

4. Make it a date!

  • You will not find out whether there is any chemistry between you or not chatting with someone on the computer.
  • Which is why it’s important to get on the phone and set up a blind date!
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