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Uniform dating sites Australia

Are you working in uniform and looking for like-minded singles? Or do you just fancy uniforms in general and would like to date with someone that usually wears one?

We’ve reviewed the uniform dating market in Australia for you and present you here with the top uniform dating sites.

Not all of the singles registered at these dating sites wear uniforms at work, but they may just like the idea of dating one.

So, which uniform pushes your buttons?

Updated : 12/2021

Uniform Dating Sites

The best uniform dating sites in Australia

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What Are the Options with Uniform Dating in Australia for 2022?

Uniform dating sites are a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, and many singles may seem them as little more than a novelty. Whilst they may seem very much like fetish sites, there is a proper rhyme and reason to their existence. “Uniformed” professionals tend to work irregular shifts (doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police and more…) and therefore aren’t quite in the same loop as those who work nine to five. As such, finding someone to date can be difficult.

Can Non-Uniformed Professionals Join?

Of course! Uniform singles don’t just have to date each other. If you work nine-to-five but feel, for whatever reason, that you want to sign up then don’t be afraid. However, it is important for singles to realise that if you’re going to join a uniform dating site, you will have to go in with a bit of understanding. Don’t get annoyed when you rarely see one another or dates can’t be as regular or as planned as usual. A lot of uniformed professionals tend to be on-call quite regularly, meaning that meet ups can be sporadically cancelled. That’s just the way it works!

So, whether looking for a casual fling or hoping that it ends up turning into something serious, we wish you the best of luck with uniform dating in 2022!

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