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Indian dating sites reviews

There are nearly one million Indian people living in Australia. Outside of India itself, there are 30 NRIs (non-resident Indians).

It is clear to see that the demand for Indian dating sites has and continues to grow significantly. We've taken a look at the most credible Indian dating and matchmaking sites we could find in order to bring you a quality selection.

Some people are looking for individuals with the same cultural background, others are looking for something a little different.

Updated : 12/2021

Indian Dating Sites

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Indian Dating Sites Australia 2022

One of the fastest growing communities in Australia, Indians are definitely on the lookout for dating sites and apps that suit their specific needs. A country with a rich and varied culture, not to mention a multitude of religious affiliations and languages, India itself opens a gateway to countless dating possibilities. Indian singles are therefore looking for a dating service that can deliver. Indian dating sites focus not just on regular dating, but also function as matchmaking agencies and even marriage agencies.

A Deeper Look: What Kinds of Indian Dating Sites Are There for Singles?

As previously mentioned, marriage or matchmaking agencies are quite common. The likes of Shaadi being one of the biggest and best out there. A lot of smaller sites and apps also exist, some of which are geared towards a more relaxed form of dating rather than matchmaking. Added to that, a lot of the more casual sites also offer app versions of their sites so that you can easily chat to Indian singles on the go!

So, what are you waiting for? Get dating in 2022 now!

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